Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Home Staging

Home Staging
Question: What is so important about staging your home?
Answer: It's vital. The property market is a scary place especially at the minute. If you want to sell your house or let out your property then read on...
Firstly look around what do you see? As a home owner you probable see very little that is wrong with your home and why would you its your home. Look again room by room what do you see now? I bet you see a little more than what you noticed the first time you looked around.
As a certified professional in house staging and styling along with being an interior designer I have strong attention to detail, sometimes this can be a hindrance as I can see the slightest hiccup.

Walking into the entrance once you have opened the door there is nothing more inviting than a hallway that smells nice, so I think it is important to eliminate any unwanted smells first by cleaning 
thoroughly throughout your house and removing any clutter accumulated from every room. This can sometimes be hard when you haven't got anywhere to store this so it is time to be ruthless and get rid of any unwanted items and box up anything that you aim to keep. If you really haven't got anywhere to store this (as with friends or family or if your home has a garage this could be placed neatly in a corner if there is not too much) then it may be a good idea to look at hiring a storage space. 

Now your house is free from clutter, clean and smelling fresh we now need to look at the interior. If you have a colourful palette on your walls then it maybe time to freshen the walls with neutral shades that appeal to the majority of prospective buyers, look to see if there is any chipped paint work, worn carpets/laminate or unsightly stains, firstly you need to decide if you can get away with hiring a carpet cleaning service if  so then great! if not then you will need to look at replacing the existing carpets. This doesn't have to be too expensive everyone likes to see fresh carpets and they will look at at the condition that your carpets or vinyl/laminate are in. 

                                                                  Tired worn carpet

                                                             Fresh new neutral carpet.

Most importantly if you just haven’t got any extra money to spend out on your property make sure what you do have is as clean and as inviting as possible. Price realistically keep tidy and where ever possible add a few fresh flowers to your home. Not everyone has that little extra cash so make sure you just follow the key words :
Happy selling and try not to  stress too much 😊

Monday, 22 May 2017

Shabby Chic a timeless style.

After spending time looking around at different interior design styles I thought I would write a blog about Shabby Chic.
This style  has been around for many years but over the last 20 years it has earnt itself a respectable title of  Shabby chic, which has become so popular in households that it is set to stay for a very long time.
Shabby chic is a form of design where both furniture and furnishings either new or mainly old take on the appearance of a distressed look to achieve the appearance of antique, vintage.
This wonderful example of Shabby Chic has been created by using pastel shades of pink. The dressing table is just stunningly beautiful  and has been painted in a Shabby Chic style using a vintage ivory colour and complemented with the use of wooden frames with a whitewashed theme and distressed on all corners to create a old English feel of country shabby chic. The room has been dressed with vintage charm and again painted in ivory cream to create this beautiful look. A floral theme has been added to the beauty of the room picking up in the pillowcases in shades of light pink, cream and white and delicate roses have been placed in a vase on the dressing table to add to this vintage charm. The gorgeous chair has been covered to compliment the style of the room and is extremely complementary to the bedding where the bed is covered by a white cotton with lace trim. The fireplace has been painted to truly bring this look together and an ornate vintage fire guard with a delicate buds of flowers stands proudly in front. There are so many gorgeous ornaments lining the surfaces of this fabulous example of Shabby Chic.

Get the look it really isn't as hard as it seems. I will give you a step by step guideline to help you on your way.

I would suggest you try on a small piece of furniture first, from a junk shop or a carboot sale that hasn't cost too much.
Firstly lightly sand all over your chosen piece I would personally use a 180 grit to create a good base. If the wood has been waxed use a wool pad, plus white spirit or turps would be best, however if it has been covered with varnish then you will need to use varnish remover and sandpaper. Don't forget to brush off all the loose dust and around you as you want to make sure you start with a good clean work station. I would suggest using a mask and make sure you work in a well ventilated space. 
Now your ready to start. Prime your chosen piece of furniture with a water based acrylic primer and make sure you use good brushes as this will give you a smoother finish and preparation is key to everything.
Apply your first coat of water based acrylic paint, apply thinly and once painted leave to dry. I would leave for 2 hours and it should be dry to touch. 
Once dry you can now apply your second coat, if you want to achieve a look like the above green dresser then I would apply the first coat in white and the second coat in your chosen shade of green. ( you can actually lightly sand the first layer with 180 grit if you want a better finish, but don't forget to brush off the surplus) Once the second coat is dry I would leave this for atleast 2 hours then you are ready to start the fun bit of distressing. Please note I would suggest using synthetic brushes with acrylic water base paints, but it really depends on what type of paint you choose to go with. What ever you choose it will all be a learning kerb to discover what is best for you.
To distress your wooden piece of furniture, you will need a fine grit sandpaper and gently rub over the parts that you want to distress and on corners of the wood that you'd like to go back to bare wood, if this is the look that you require. Once you are happy with the desired look you could actually go a little bit further if you have any ornate carvings on your wood, you could use a coloured wax in bronze, silver, gold what ever colour you fancy. This can then be applied with your finger tips or a soft cloth to make these areas really stand out.
Lastly we need to add wax to your new masterpiece. Fully wax the complete piece of your furniture. You can do this using a soft cloth in circular motions working into your furniture and buffing up your furniture piece to become your first piece of Shabby Chic furniture.
There are so many variations that you can do once your comfortable with your first Shabby experience. You can even add dark finishing wax over the clear and rub away leaving the dark in all the crevices, this looks fantastic over shades of pink.
So get practising you'll have so much fun and it's very addictive.
Why not try Sandi Hands this would probably make your life much easier to get in every little groove you can purchase these from  homerevivalinteriors.co.uk at £10.50 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Out with the old and in with the new.

Well it's finally happening and I must say, it has been a long time coming. Finally we are now waving goodbye to "quote artwork" that we have seen in every possible way.
I suppose we could be a little sad if we wanted to. A small or large quote written on to an object, proved to be a definite winner every time. So yes, as the famous quote goes " keep calm and carry on".

A taste of quote artwork. As it says on the mug.


Quote artwork, which I am sure we all have of some description lurking in our homes.

Okay let's pick another goodbye. The Metro tile or as some know this as the Subway tile
I as one, will be sad to say goodbye, but I know that nothing lasts forever and I have to admit this tile really has been well and truly used to it's full capacity and has saturated the market. 
I believe the Metro tile will still be in our homes, but it will be accompanied mainly with the traditional white coloured grout rather than the dark coloured grouts that have been used to create a rustic/old style kitchen or bathroom. 


Tile grout will change the look of your bathroom instantly.

A rustic style kitchen will definitely look more in keeping with a darker coloured grout.

Metro tiles in white, with white grout creates a clean lined contemporary feel.

So what's new?
Our kitchens will always be full of new ideas and not just in our cooking. I personally love the concrete worktops. I have heard mixed reports about how easily they can mark and chip but I would guess like any of these tops if they are sealed correctly and are maintained well they will stand the test of time and mature with age and beauty.


Chunky concrete worktops add an effortlessly sophisticated space to spend time in your kitchen.

Hexagonal tiles the latest trend for 2017

Where are we going with tiles? It will be all about the shapes, hexagon, herringbone, mosaic, raw materials using terracotta and cork. 

Example of  a contemporary living space with terracotta flooring. 

Terracotta earthenware is a clay based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous. The use of a raw material such as cork complements well with the use of terracotta.The earthy tones create a warm inviting contemporary rustic look.

Terracotta tiles a natural look to your home with a contemporary flair. 


Herringbone or parquet as it's also known can be created with a staggered chevron pattern. Herringbone lends well with an array of vintage and contemporary styles and is definitely on fleek at the moment.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Monthly Update - Out of the bottle and into the decor... Cork is making a comeback!

Happy New Year everyone! Now I'm sure all of us enjoyed a little bubbly over the festive season, and wino's of the world can agree that drinking lots of wine often results in an excessive number of wine corks... What matters is what you do with them. Here we shall explore the wondrous material that is cork...

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Monthly Update - Christmas Fun!

Now that it's December, it's about time to start the Christmas celebrations and decorations to be more exact! Hence our monthly update consists of us touching upon table settings and providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to make your own Christmas crackers, along with a fun new dinner party game...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Quirky Ideas for Your Home

If you have some serious cash to burn why not utilise it for a few quirky features in your home to really make it special. Below are 18 different amazing ideas with something to suit everyone.

From a door that changes into a game of ping-pong to a table with swing chairs, we guarantee there will be something here that you'll want to get for your home.

Who could imagine it! A door handle that turns off your gas and electricity when you go out...